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miércoles, 25 de abril de 2007

Descarga: Beatles Ultra Rare Tracks Volumen 1

1) I Saw her Standing There - Recorded on February 11, 1963 from "Please Please Me" session, continued from the warming-up, they start a great live performance in the studio. John makes a mistake with some lyrics and Paul makes a mistake with some bass lines. No echo effects.

2) One After 909 (take 2) - Recorded on March 5, 1963, from "From Me to You" session. Composed by John Lennon in late 50s ~ early 60s in the period of The Quarrymen (pre-Beatles). Released on LET IT BE Album in 1970, but this take is abwolutely different.

3) She's a Woman (take 2) - Recorded in September ~ October 1964. No lead guitar, piano, or additional overdubbed vocals. No fade-out at the end. Very primitive version.

4) I'm Looking Through You (Take 1) - Recorded in October 1965, from "Rubber Soul" session. No chorus made yet. Beginning with percussion, vocals on single track. No fade out at end.

5) If You've Got Troubles
- Previously unreleased song. Recorded in October 1965, from "Rubber Soul" session. Ringo Starr on lead vocals.

6) How Do You Do It - Previously unreleased song by the Beatles. Recorded on September 4th 1962, from "Please Please Me" session. Prepared as a second single, but never released.

7) Penny Lane - Recorded on December 29th 1966. Basically same version as on "Rarities" album, but including dialogue and Paul's count at the beginning. And absolutely different MONO MIX!

8) Strawberry Fields Forever - They're two takes. The previously released version consists of take A&B with controlled speed, and it is also remixed. This version on this disc is take 2, with a different mix. Recorded in December 1966.

9) From Me to You - Recorded on March 4th-5th 1963, beginning with Paul's count "1,2,3,4!", no harmonica. Absolutely different.

10) Besame Mucho - Basically unreleased song, recorded on June 6th 1962, with Pete Best on Drums. A different take from the "Decca Tapes".

11) The Fool on the Hill - Recorded in September 1967. Demo version. Paul performs solo on the piano.

12) Paperback Writer - Recorded in April 1966. Beginning with Paul's count "1,2,3,4!" on the right channel. Same as the single, but different mix, no echo effects on vocals, and no fade-out at the end.

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